October 2016

Gratitude-the gift that keeps on giving

Gratitude Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Multiple studies show that the way to more contentment and happiness in life is to add more gratitude. Among other things, it improves the way we view ourselves, it contributes to a positive outlook, and it enhances our overall well-being.   But… what is gratitude, exactly?   For many, gratitude is a response - to generosity, or good will,...

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Live life by design, not by default.

Live Life by Design, Not by Default

The interesting thing about life is its tendency to sneak up on us. One day our whole life is in front of us, the next we're staring at it from the rear view.   We need to be intentional if we want to live our dreams! We need to live our life by design.   Life by design ultimately...

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Stop Focusing on Goals, Focus on Process Instead

We all know how to set goals. We do it all the time in our personal and professional lives. The start of a new year is a typically compelling time to declare our intentions and work on getting our homes in order. A new year pulls from the past dusty old dreams and wipes them...

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Use Quick Wins to Break In a New Habit

Habits are the best indicators of future wellness, success, and happiness. More definitively than circumstances, habits tell us how far we can go, what we can have and how happy we can be in our lives.   If you have good eating habits, you'll be healthy. If you have good mental habits, you'll believe in yourself. If...

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Use These 5 Tips and Eliminate Worry from Your Life, Forever

I'm a natural worrier, or at least I was. It's part of a critical nature that notices the out of place, the anomalies, the gaps between this and that.   "If there's a better way to do it, I will find it. I must!" That's the way I think.   It's a double-edged sword, really. I love my interrogative...

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