3 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Without Dieting

3 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Without Dieting

We all know dieting is a bad idea. Essentially, it’s a promise to break a set of good habits after they’ve worked! It runs counter to reason and just doesn’t work in the long run. Still, we understand the emotional pull for a quick fix.


But – it’s unnecessary. If you’re looking to lose weight, it’s okay to start slow. Slow and steady is better than fast, crash and burn. There are many good habits that are easy to implement, can help you shed pounds now, and provide a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle that lasts.


The suggestions below are simple and adaptable. Feel free to tweak and personalize as necessary.


Drink 8 oz of water before eating anything. Instead of limiting the amount of food you eat, why not give yourself permission to eat as much as you want – but only after you drink water. Works even better if you create a ten to 15-minute gap in between your glass of water and your food. This works because of the permission slip you give yourself to eat as much as you like, so long as you drink the water. You’re basically trading water for guiltless eating. What ends up happening is you eat much less than you otherwise would, thanks to the refreshing, satiating powers of good ole’ H2O.


Keep unhealthy food out of the house. Make a deal with yourself – when you go out with friends you’ll enjoy whatever foods you please, but there will be no bad food at home. The details (of what’s considered bad) can be personalized but whatever ends up on your bad food list stays out of the fridge and off of your kitchen counters. Instead, fill your house with healthy options, so there’s always something to eat. Never settle for food you don’t enjoy. Go out and discover healthy foods you love.


Weigh yourself daily. There are differing opinions on this, but the argument for weighing yourself daily is pretty strong. First, let’s talk about the main con – the feeling of guilt you get when you step on a scale, and you’re reminded that you’re not perfect! That’s not a scale problem, that’s a perspective problem. If you want a strong, healthy body and you’ve committed yourself to working toward that goal then no matter how slow-going the progress seems, you should take pride in your efforts. Guilt is only a distraction. When it comes to personal transformation in any form, the goal is not quick change, it’s permanent change. Sometimes it takes a while to figure it all out. Be kind to yourself.


The arguments in favor of daily weigh-ins are many. It serves as a mental self-regulating mechanism. It provides immediate feedback on food and exercise habits. It supplies additional motivation to continue the good work when the feedback is positive and functions as a gentle nudge to edit current behaviors in the face of negative feedback. It ensures your weight never veers too far before it’s called to your attention. And my favorite reason for loving daily weigh-ins? It works as an effortless influencer. Your desire to exercise and eat better food (over time) will be positively affected by adding this one habit to your life.


Try them all and see how they work for you. These are small adjustments, but they pack a heavy punch. If you keep with it, you’ll notice changes. And remember, slow change is fast change if it’s the change you stick with.

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