5 Habits of Consistently Happy People

5 Habits of Consistently Happy People

5 Habits of Consistently Happy People

So what does it feel like to be an optimist? To always see the glass as half full and never feel the need to sweat the small stuff? How does it feel to always notice the best in people or the bright side of a situation? Many of us aspire to this reality but then settle for just a brief indulgence of the idea whenever an inspirational quote passes across our Facebook feed. For others, however, the happy people, this is life.


Happy people think differently. They think about things differently. It’s not that happy people are luckier than most or have it easier than some, it’s that they make different choices about what to notice, or care about, or believe. Below are five common habits of consistently happy people that keep their outlook bright and those rose colored glasses on and firmly in place.


They take care of themselves first.

Some people feel it’s noble to take care of others first and put themselves last. Not happy people. They know that if they don’t feel good – mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically – then they can’t be their best for other people. And so, they do what it takes to make sure they feel good and refreshed and ready to give their best to the world.


They don’t apologize for their desires.

Similar to not putting yourself first, many people hold off on or set aside their desires because they seem indulgent and therefore inappropriate. Again, happy people tend not to think this way. They embrace the things they enjoy because it makes them – happy!  They understand the joy and satisfaction they get from engaging in the things they love is part of self-care, and therefore, important. They don’t apologize for this, they embrace it.


They embrace new experiences.

While some are afraid to step outside their comfort zones, happy are comfortable outside of their element. This is mainly because they’re generally comfortable in their own skin. They’re already secure within themselves and don’t need as much security from their circumstances. This freedom allows them to venture out a bit and try new things. They’re less afraid to fail. For them, the goal is not necessarily to win but to grow and expand and experience.


They focus on the positives, not the negatives.

Whenever something happens in our lives, we have the option of looking at the event in many ways. Given these options, happy people will consistently choose the positive perspective. While another may focus on the fact they got caught in the storm without an umbrella – for example – a happy person would more likely take a moment to dance in the rain and reminisce about their childhood.


They don’t seek approval from others.

If we struggle with self-worth or are not comfortable in our own skin, it can be easy to discount our own opinion on things. This can lead to seeking out the approval of others. Happy people are not approval seekers. They’re comfortable with who they are – flaws and all. This high level of self-worth means they don’t have a need to seek out validation from others. They may respect the opinions of others, but they value their own opinion of themselves the most.


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