5 Ways to Break out of Your Comfort Zone

5 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

5 Ways to Break out of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes you just have to hold your breath and jump right in.


Venturing outside of our comfort zone can be scary. Engaging the unfamiliar, the untested and the foreign can leave us feeling like a blind man at a railroad crossing – wanting to advance forward, but afraid to move our feet. Our ability to face this fear and dance with it keeps us agile, mentally and emotionally, and allows us to grow. And ultimately, our ability to overcome this fear gives us the opportunity to create the experiences of a lifetime and the life of our dreams.


Below are five things we can do to challenge our sense of comfort and expand our understanding of the world around us and the way in which we engage in it.


Take a leap of faith and do something that scares you.
We all enjoy the comfort of knowing what to expect. At the same time, too much knowing bores us eventually. We need to expand lest we begin to feel uninspired and unfulfilled. And so, it’s important we constantly place ourselves in situations that scare us a bit because doing so stands outside the bounds of our normal and requires us to catch up emotionally, mentally and physically. This is trial by fire and growth by force. It makes us stronger and instills a confidence supported by the knowledge that when called to, we can rise to the occasion and make what needs to happen, happen.


Learn to go without. Give up something that feels hard to give up.
Stepping out of our comfort zone can take many forms. Taking a leap of faith helps us expand the boundaries of what normal means for us. Practicing restraint teaches our mind and body to submit to our will. It’s another way to become comfortable with discomfort. Anything worth our desire is also worth our sacrifice. And, inevitably, should we ever manifest those desires in our life it will be due, in part, to the sacrifices we made. Learning to live in sacrifice for the greater good will allow us to more easily access those things we want most of all: good health, wealth, love, success. We can eliminate the unproductive and counterproductive by learning to sacrifice those things that feel comfortable in the present but that are not in line with our dreams, goals, and plans for the future.


Practice balance in your life.
For many of us, the hardest thing to do is create balance in our lives. And perhaps balance isn’t a permanent state but rather a moving target that, if we’re good at it, we get to hit often. That said, practicing balance in our life can serve to cover and protect us from the harshness of obstacles we all face, especially as we attempt to move forward and advance in life. Similar to the way nutrients strengthen our bodies so our body can protect itself from the harmful agents serving as obstacles to good health, living in balance triggers a state of well-being that makes us stronger and allows us to tackle obstacles with the full force of our uncompromised mental, emotional and spiritual abilities.


Expand your knowledge and grow your skillsets.
The process of learning can feel awkward and clumsy at times; you don’t know what you’re doing, or whether you’re doing it right. Our inclination towards self-preservation and away from potential failure and ridicule can make us hesitant.  Have you ever tried learning a new language? It feels weird. And uncomfortable. But if it’s something you have a genuine interest in, you should embrace the discomfort and give into the process. Growth is a beautiful thing, and it comes with much reward.


Commit to something. Turn a dream into a goal – with a plan and all!
You know it’s outside your comfort zone when it makes your hands a bit sweaty. We all have dreams that we hope to realize in this life. But dreams and goals are different. Some of us may hold on to our dreams and pray they magically come true in time; we may bet on destiny and chance to bring us that which we find it hard to create for ourselves. The truth is unless we’re willing to decide to have something in our life, and unless we’re willing to commit to the process of creating that reality, chances are high that a dream remains a dream. The power to decide and the power to commit are two of the strongest forces for creation we have. Learning to pull the metaphorical trigger and commit to making our dreams come true puts us in control of our destiny. Yes, at times it will feel uncomfortable, but in the end, we’ll be glad we did what we had to do to get what wanted out of life. That’s all we can ask of ourselves and it’s what we must ask of ourselves!

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