5 Ways to Shake Off Negativity In Your Life

5 Ways to Shake Off Negativity

5 Ways to Shake Off Negativity In Your Life

We all deal with negativity in our life from time to time. Whether the negativity is directed at us or is the result of our own thoughts and feelings, it’s important we know how to quickly and effectively eliminate it whenever we’re confronted by it. Negativity that lingers can weigh us down, sabotage our happiness and hinder our ability take full advantage or the opportunities in front of us. Knowing how to neutralize this negativity, on an on-going basis, ensures we make the best use of things and get the most enjoyment out of our experiences.


Having strategies in place on how to handle ourselves in the face of negativity makes it easier to conquer and overcome it in the moment. Below are five practices we can engage in to ensure negativity never gets the better of us.


Refuse to Engage

As we go about the business of our lives, we’re certain to face people and circumstances that can threaten to take us off our focus by tempting us to go negative. Making the decision not to engage, no matter how tempting, guarantees we never veer too far off course. Whether our focus is the accomplishment of some tangible goal or simply a happy, fun-filled day, refusing to engage means never getting sidelined. It also means we’re much more likely to end up exactly where we intended because we never allowed distraction to cause us to lose or focus.


Focus on Gratitude

Where there is gratitude there can never be negativity. If we should ever find our minds swirling in negative thought the thing to do is immerse ourselves in gratitude. The more gratitude we can bring to that moment the more completely we can dissolve any negative energy that exists.


Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility in this scenario is less about placing blame and more about taking control of our own happiness and peace of mind. The strength of our happiness and peace of mind should never be left to outside influence, and so we must take responsibility for how external circumstances affect us. When we decide to take responsibility for everything that affects us, we give ourselves the extra push and the directive to do what it takes to maintain positivity at all costs. Taking responsibility means deciding what will and won’t be tolerated and doing whatever it takes to ensure it is so.


Surround Yourself with Positive People

We are who we spend our time with. Having people in life that can keep us looking at the positive side of things, taking in the best perspectives, and helping us to see the best in ourselves will help bring out the best in us. Having folks in our corner that can give an encouraging word when we’re having a hard time encouraging ourselves is invaluable and goes a long way to ensuring negativity never gets the upper hand in our life.


Practice Positive Thinking

A great way to ensure that negativity doesn’t stick around is to create an environment of positive thought: think affirmations. We’re creatures of habit. The way we’re used to thinking about things is the way we’ll continue thinking about things if left unchecked. Having a generally pessimistic bend means that everything we experience will be colored by that way of thinking. By proactively filling our minds with positive thoughts we can counter that pessimism, or cynicism, or depression, etc., and set the tone for more positive experiences.


How we choose to keep our minds positive doesn’t matter as much as our decision to do so. It’s in our best interest to keep clear of negativity by any means necessary, and doing so is our ever-present responsibility. What we listen to, what we watch, who we spend our time with and the things we think about are all a part of the environment we create for ourselves. Taking time to make sure that environment stays positive gives us the opportunity to enjoy life to the best of our ability.

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