6 Beliefs that Nurture Resilience

6 Beliefs that Nurture Resilience

Ask a bodybuilder to bench press 400 pounds and they probably could. Ask your average joe, and well, not so easy.


On its face, this seems pretty obvious. We can all agree that if you want to be the kind of person that can lift 400-pound weights, you also have to be the kind of person that has a dedication to developing physical strength at a very high level.


When it comes to achieving goals, though, sometimes we get a bit hazy when connecting these dots. We know good habits lead to success, but we also sometimes fall into the trap of thinking there may be another, easier way; that maybe luck is an option. The reality is luck, as it’s generally understood, is an illusion. What’s needed, instead, is a solid foundation of inner strength made manifest by the habits expressed over time in the face of a diversity of circumstances.


Our focus should always be to ensure we have the good habits to support the goals we pursue. If we don’t then our job is to develop those habits.


So then the question is, what habits should we develop?


When it comes to good habits, not all are created equal. Let’s first make the distinction between mental habits and behavioral habits. Both are absolutely necessary, but one generally begets the other. Your mental habits have a significant influence over your behavioral habits. The reverse can also be true but to a much lesser degree.


As for mental habits, few that such power to guarantee success as resilience. Resilience has mystical, transmutative qualities, giving you the ability to transform potential failure into success, foe into ally, and make what was wrong, right; it’s a super power of sorts. Possessing such a power creates the certainty and confidence to pursue goals with passion and faith. It fosters the belief that the only unconquerable obstacle standing between you and your goal is time. And even time will yield to you with a little patience.


Will Smith is one of my favorite people. One of the things I love is the absolute conviction he has in his ability to withstand any obstacle and win despite them. Take a look:




This is what resilience FEELS like!


Two things strike me immediately when I watch this clip: the power that lies in a decision made with conviction and the power of exercised resilience.


He displays a level of security and certainty that most people don’t have. He knows he’s going to win! That security comes from inner strength evidenced by strong mental habits –  like the ability to make a decision, commit to that decision and show resilience in the face of obstacles, until victory.


So how can we develop more resilience?


Here a six cornerstone beliefs of people who eat, breath and sleep resilience. I recommend spending time meditating on each belief. A good idea would be to turn them into affirmations for further integration.


1) I take action, and I never give up because I believe failure can only occur in two ways: a failure to take action and a failure to continue. I’m willing to fall 1000 times if that’s what it takes to win and so, for me, failure’s impossible.


2) I enjoy the process of winning more than the prize. To watch myself as I develop and display the inner qualities and strength needed to reach my goals is the ultimate prize for me.


3) I believe in actions, not so much in words. I let my actions speak for me.


4) I accept full responsibility for everything that happens in my life.  As such, I will do whatever it takes, unapologetically, to create my life as I desire it to be. It’s all on me.


5) When I meet an obstacle, I think, ‘Here’s an opportunity to show myself (once again) how much stronger I am than I used to be.’ Every day I get better…


6) If I said I’ll do it, then it’s better than done.


If you made a decision to adopt just one of these cornerstone beliefs fully, the impact would be significant. Beliefs are the engine that drives habit – mental or behavioral. Starting there is the best way to add, tweak, change or transform any habit. These six beliefs provide the motivation, accountability, faith and reasoning that fuel resilience at a core level. It clarifies thought and makes it impossible to ever feel like giving up is an option.


So, what are some of the beliefs you already possess that make you resilient in the face of obstacles?


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