A Plan Is Good, but Execution Is Key

A Plan Is Good, but Execution Is Key

A Plan Is Good, but Execution Is Key

We all have big ideas and big plans for the future. We all dream of more money, more freedom, more love and to live our lives with purpose. But what separates a dream from a dream fulfilled? What determines who makes it past the finish line and who ends up on the sidelines, watching? You may have a plan, but if your execution is bad, or worse, non-existent, you’ll have a difficult time moving forward.


We’re all gifted goal-setters, but action can prove more difficult maintain. And without consistent action even the best-laid plans find themselves buried alongside broken dreams. Action is the bond that sticks, the tie that binds and the bridge that connects our inner world to our outer reality. If we’re to manifest our desires, we must be willing to act. We must be willing to face our fears and tame our personal critic who uses fear to distract us from our objectives. That said, action is but a cog in the wheel of execution. Action alone is not enough.


Before action comes strategy, and after action comes evaluation and improvement. Together, this amounts to solid execution – the kind that is ever self-correcting and that over time can take even an average idea, an average plan and turn it into a winner. That’s the power of strong and consistent execution. And it’s the secret sauce of success!


Working to continuously improve execution is the best way to spend our time, energy and resources. How we execute our plan will always be the most important part of the plan – much more important than the plan itself. To bear this point out, think of all the people who find success with less than great, sometimes even bad ideas! How do they manage to succeed where so many others fail? Again, execution. Their success can be blamed – if you will – on the strength of their execution process. Conversely, the reverse is rarely, if ever, true. You’ll find no medals for a good idea with poor execution. Poor execution will kill a plan before it ever gets started.


For us, this means getting clear on our priorities. Too often we spend far too much time trying to perfect our ideas and plans upfront. We set out to guarantee our success before ever throwing our hat in the ring of execution. This is the wrong approach. We have to execute. We have to get our hands dirty and do the work.


It’s in the execution that the work gets perfected. It’s in the execution that our ideas and plans evolve into substantive concepts with supporting systems that actually work. This is how we cross the finish line, achieve our goals and manifest our dreams. The key is always execution.


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