Habit Bliss


Joy Fejoku


The only real barriers that exist between us and the life we want are the current habits we have.


Habit Bliss is a community platform that focuses on conscious transformation through the process habit development. Our mission is to promote solid growth using ideas and tools that can assist in real change in people’s lives.

We focus on the research, discovery, and dissemination of self-mastery concepts.

Through online content and upcoming training programs, Habit Bliss aims to crystallize thought and break down methods demystifying the process of habit change. Our goal is to make change simple, actionable and manageable.

Joy Fejoku is the founder of Habit Bliss. Her passion for personal growth comes from her unique story – a personal journey of frustration, awareness, surrender, and transformation. She brings with her solutions that can bridge the gap between what’s possible and what can be made certain – if focus is given to developing the habits that support our dreams.