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A Few Things to Think About Before the New Year

Don't you love how time flies! The new year is less than a week away.   As we bask in holiday delight and firm up New Year's Eve plans, it may prove smart to take a little time and use it to make peace with the year that was.   What did we...

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What Are You Tolerating In Life?

2016 is almost over - but before it ends, it's probably a good time for some introspection and a bit of mental decluttering. Along that line of thinking is something called a toleration’s list. The idea is to create a list of things in your life you don't like...

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The Power of the Mind

You’ve probably seen the quote, ‘mind over matter.’ It's often used to inspire action in the face of difficult circumstances, the interpretation being –  we must be stronger than our circumstances, we must be mentally tough.   I agree. I also think that ‘mind over matter’ is much bigger than that...

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Living in the Stretch Zone

"Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone" Robert Allen   The thing about hopes and dreams is they represent the possibility of victory over fear, insecurity, failure and all manner of dread. This is what makes them so compelling and worthy of our desire.  To visualize our dreams becoming a...

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Dissolve Stress Fast This Holiday Season

We're officially in the thick of holiday season - time for family and celebration!   As we busy our days with gift buying and get-togethers, we may not notice if and when we begin to devolve into a pattern of overwhelm and obligation that befalls many during this time of year,...

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Never Stop Believing in Your Dreams

As children we are dreamers; we have no limits. Our mind is a factory of creativity and imagination – full of color, full of life. As we grow older, the color fades, slowly. Eventually, we sober up and become more reasonable. Our thinking adjusts, and we quietly begin to...

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