Day 13 – Visualization and Gratitude




When it comes to creating daily motivation, there are few things as powerful as the two habits we’ll discuss today. Both have the ability to generate strong emotions – the bedrock of motivation. As we talked about last week, motivation is connected to desire. The more desire we have, the more motivated we will be. If we can find a way to create strong desire, at will, then we can effectively control our levels of motivation.


The two habits we’ll talk about today are visualization and gratitude. Mastering these habits will give you great power over self. They will widen your outlook of the world around you and expand what you believe is possible in life – your life specifically. Adding them to your morning routine provides the fresh dose of motivation needed to start the day with excitement and end the day with a feeling of pride for a day well spent.


Let’s begin with the power of visualization.


Visualization is seeing, not with your eyes, but with your imagination. It allows you to move from your present reality into a past, present or future of your choosing. It’s not bound by time or space or even reality as we know it. It is free of all constriction. Through our imagination, we can live any experience we choose and by so doing, feel the effects of that experience. What makes visualization so powerful is that it is active and experiential. It takes what you imagine, brings it to the present and makes it real, palpable, touchable – almost like a virtual reality. Unlike daydreaming, which keeps what you imagine in a distant and far away place, visualization allows you to experience it as though it was happening to you right now. Using this as a tool you could simply work backwards; decide how you want to feel, then visualize an experience that will generate that feeling. As a part of our morning routine, the feeling we want to create is desire – desire to pursue our purpose without delay. Knowing this, we can visualize a helpful experience and effectively control our emotions and behavior as we wish.


To take it a giant step further, let’s talk about gratitude!


Amongst all the benefits of gratitude, lies its power to validate belief. It’s a doubling down of faith. Of course, gratitude works beautifully in response to reality as we understand it; it makes us happier, and we feel more supported by life and the world around us. The unlimited power of gratitude, however, can be found when you combine it with the power of visualization. This takes visualization to a new level by doubling down on our imagined reality; this has the consequence of internalizing our imagined experience as real on a subconscious level. Gratitude is thankfulness, yes, but it’s also confirmation of receipt – the belief is implied. You can’t express thanks without accepting that you have something to be thankful for. The power of mixing visualization and gratitude together is quite aptly beyond the imagination. One of the byproducts of doing so is high levels of motivation – think motivation rocket fuel!


Adding these habits to your morning routine is a solid way to generate energy and motivation for the day ahead. Putting them at the beginning of your routine can help transition you into the more challenging parts of your routine.


Here are a few tips that can help you make the most of these two habits. 


  • It’s not the length of time spent visualizing or expressing gratitude that matters, it’s the level of emotion generated. Focus on feeling the emotion and expanding the emotion as much as possible.


  • When visualizing, it’s important to see everything in the now. You need to experience it. This is the main difference between daydreaming and visualization – one is active and present, the other is passive and distant. You want to make your visualizations as real, present and as vivid as possible.


  • Instead of visualizing success or the manifestation of a goal, visualize the process. See yourself handling obstacles effectively, working hard, staying motivated. Feel yourself enjoying the process.


The mind is an interesting place, and we’re still discovering it’s full potential. When it comes to the difference between what our eyes can see and what our mind can see, as you practice these habits, you’ll quickly start to notice how easily you (your subconscious) begin to buy into this world created in your imagination. Success breeds success. As your mind experiences success from within its imagination, it’ll work to create more success that will flow into your external, tactile, real life. That’s the power of visualization and gratitude.