Day 16 – Putting It All Together, Part 2

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21dmro_bar-4-185021dmro_bar-4-1850Today we begin where we left off yesterday.

So far you’ve identified the goals that you’re building this morning routine to support. You’ve targeted one specific weak point in your goal that you want your morning routine to directly support. You’re considering which part of your current routine you’re going to eliminate and what parts you’re keeping. And you’re considering how long your new routine is going to be.

Selecting Habits.

You’ve already selected one habit that was meant to directly support your goal, next select two more habits. Try and have a unique purpose in mind that each habit, just as you did for the first one. The overall purpose of all three habits should be to motivate, inspire and connect you with your purpose so if any of the habits you’re considering don’t meet that standard, they shouldn’t be selected.

If you need help deciding what habits to choose, take a look at the answers you gave to the daily question prompts from week one. Another good place to look is here, where we went over four areas of life that ought to be reviewed for inclusion in any morning routine. Word of caution: now is not the time to kill two birds with one stone. The better plan, at this point, is to throw all the stones at the one bird. For this reason, it’s important to be focused and specific in your objectives which currently are to:

    1. Adopt habits that support my goal directly by advancing my goal in concrete ways


  1. Adopt habits the support my goal indirectly by generating motivation, inspiration and connect me to my purpose.

So, let’s say my goal was to write a book this year. I decided to build a morning routine that supports me in this effort. For my first habit, I decide to write 500 words every morning. This habit supports me directly as it adds to my daily progress and promotes a feeling of accomplishment which is quite motivating, inspiring is connect me to my purpose. The next two goals I select are Yoga and meditation. Both of these habits aid in a general sense of health and well-being. They connect me to my spirituality which is the seat of my purpose. And they make me feel good, amping up my levels of motivation.

Order of Execution and Length of Time for Each Habit.

We have our habits, now it’s time to decide their order. The reason we want to create an order and stick with it is that eventually, these habits will become triggers for each other, making the the routine easier to execute.

The order itself should be based on a few things:

    1. Are you a morning person or not? If you’re a morning person, you have more options here. If you’re not a morning person, then you should probably start with the habit that provides the fastest, quickest motivation.


  1. Would you rather start with the hardest task first and end with the easiest, or vise versa? This answer is self-explanatory. Whatever your answer build your routine that way.

The other consideration is how long each habit will be; anywhere between five and 20 minutes each should work. This is long enough to receive the benefits of performance but short enough to ensure it’s not overwhelming to you, a beginner.

Planning for the Obstacles in Advance.

It’s always a good idea to anticipate how you’ll respond to failure should it occur. And the truth is getting used to a new morning routine isn’t easy.

Here are a couple of questions to help you prepare your mind for resilience! You can add to the list, as well.

    1. If you fail to execute your routine (for some reason) how will you get back on track?


  1. How will you make sure you don’t keep falling into the same traps that lead you off track?