Day 17 – How a Night Routine Can Make Your Mornings Better

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21dmro_bar-4-185021dmro_bar-4-1850Your morning routine is almost ready!

You’ve done a lot of work to get to this point. You now have a morning routine that is personalized, purposed and full of daily motivation – but before you finalize this routine, there’s one more thing to consider…

Adding a night routine to compliment your morning routine.

Setting your morning up for success the night before is a wise move. It’s not mandatory, but should you choose to add a night routine to your schedule, it would enhance your morning experience by allowing you to focus more on the things that inspire and motivate and less on matters of practical importance, like prepping meals for the day, for example. There are many benefits to a night routine, we’ll focus on how it can translate to a more productive morning for you.

You can:

Prep your mind for success the night before.

It’s the other bookend. Begin the day with intention and end the day with closure. Give yourself time to assess the progress made and the areas were improvement is needed. Give yourself permission to make peace with the day that was, both the good and the not so good. Clear your mind of all distractions so you can wake up with a clean slate.

Start your morning routine the night before.

Where suited, move some of your morning tasks to the night before. This can be quite useful because it allows you to create a morning routine that’s even more powerfully focused on preparing your mind, body, and spirit for the day ahead, building motivation and connecting you with your purpose. A task like deciding what to wear for the day is a perfect example of something that could be done the night before as part of your night routine. Additionally, a night routine could help your morning routine in the following ways:

  1. It gives you a whole new level of flexibility to use to your advantage. Given the option, there are probably some morning routine tasks you’d rather execute in the evening. Do it. Adding a night routine means you don’t have to get it all done at once, in the morning.
  2. T gives you more time to get things done. If you only have an hour to dedicate to your morning routine every day, you can add a night routine to your day to catch a few of the tasks you couldn’t fit into your morning routine.
  3. Sometimes we just work better in the evening – if you’re a night owl, I know you know what I mean! Adding a night routine takes advantage of your natural tendencies, allowing you to do the heavy lifting in the night when you’re naturally more motivated. This gives you the opportunity to more sharply focus your morning routine on amping up your motivation and connection to purpose without distractions like deciding what to wear to work, getting in the way.

Ensure you get enough sleep.

Getting a good night’s rest is essential to waking up refreshed and motivated. If you stay up too late and wake up tired, that’s going to have an effect on your morning as well as the rest of your day. Having a night routine in place can ensure you get the rest you need to start the day with the energy and focus required to execute at a high level.

If you decide to add a night routine to your schedule, consider setting a bedtime alarm to let you know that it’s time to wind down and disengage. That could include turning off the television as well as pausing all email. social media and phone notifications.

Go to bed on time and wake up ready to take on the day with purposed action and pure motivation!

One more thing!

I’ve created a downloadable document to assist in finalizing your morning routine. Use it to solidify your thoughts on each of the points we’ve discussed so far this week. RIGHT CLICK HERE and select ‘save as’ to download.