The 21 Day Morning Routine Overhaul

The 21 Day Morning Routine Overhaul


Finally, it’s 2017!


And just like that, we’re back at the beginning, a new year, a blank page waiting to be filled in. And the question begs to be asked: How do you plan to make the most of this newest chapter of life?


Whether you have a clear answer or not, what’s important to understand that desire and hope alone will not move us forward or any closer to our goals. We need a plan. It’s not rocket science, most people would agree on this point. What some fail to take seriously, however, is what should be at the foundation and core of any goal or habit based plan – a strong morning routine.


Attempting to pursue a large goal without a strong morning routine is like driving a car long distance without the money for gas. It’ll only drive for so long before sputtering and grinding to a slow halt. The morning routine energizes and invigorates. It motivates and keeps us connected to our purpose. That connection, that energy is the fuel that keeps us going long after the initial excitement of a new idea or plan wears off.


Not all morning routines are created equal.


When it comes to a morning routine, there is no one size fits all protocol. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. What does work when it comes to morning routines, especially in the early stages of implementation, is flexibility and an open mind. These are possibly two of the most important qualities necessary for habit development generally, and in developing a solid morning routine, specifically. Crafting a routine that fits us can take a bit of trial and error and will likely need adjustment from time to time as our needs change.


Because it’s the beginning of a new year AND because morning routines are such an important part of achieving success with our goals and intentions, Habit Bliss is launching –


The 21 Day Morning Routine Overhaul


Starting Jan. 9, and for 21 days, we’ll break down the process of creating a powerful morning routine; one that fits your life, personality, and purpose.


WEEK ONE: We cover the basics

  • The importance of a good routine
  • How to create a routine that expressly supports your stated goal
  • How to stay motivated

+++ and much more…


WEEK TWO: We dig deep on a number of morning routine habits

  • Why they work, and why it may or may not work for you
  • Multiple ideas for implementation
  • How to know if the habit is a keeper

+++ and much more…


WEEK THREE: We put it all together, and then some

  • Add’l steps to support your new routine
  • The best way to build/grow your routine
  • How to know when it’s time to adjust and update your routine

+++ and much more…


The way we begin our days set the tone for that day, and if a habit is created, it sets the tone for the way we live our life.


Start the year with a living breathing morning routine that works for you and that puts you in the best position to take on any goal or habit, and that promotes positive change in your life!


“So how do I sign up?!”


Simple. All you have to do to receive the series is add your name to our email list. That’s it. There’s no cost, just positive vibes, and practical knowledge.


To make it even easier for you I’ve added the sign-up button to the bottom of this post.

See you on the other side! 🙂


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