The Everyday Miracles All Around Us

The Everyday Miracles All Around Us

The Everyday Miracles All Around Us

They say when you change the way you look at things, what you look at changes. How does changing the way you look at everyday miracles, change your everyday life?


Have you ever seen a flower bloom and thought, ‘That’s pretty amazing!’


Or seen a falling star and made a wish because, well, that’s a pretty magical moment?


Or how about expressing wonder and amazement at the thought of a baby growing inside the belly of its mother, and then arriving into this world through the miracle of birth…


For all of these events, we understand, scientifically, how it works, of course. There’s no unsolved mystery here, no lack of understanding. But – there may be a missed opportunity. And it starts with the say we look at the evidence in front of us.


Does something need to be an unsolved mystery before it can be labeled miraculous? Does our ability to define and explain the essence and the workings of a thing through science dissolve it of its magic? Can we reframe what our idea of a miracle looks like to include the explainable and yet still magnificent things that happen in the world around us and in our daily lives


For many of us when we think of miracles, we envision the supernatural, the unexplainable or the otherworldly. The otherwise unreal made manifest in the physical world around us. But miracles don’t have to be grand to be real. If we decide to, we can find smaller everyday miracles happening all around us. And the benefits of doing so are numerous and significant.


Noticing these small, common, everyday miracles better, and more positively, contextualizes the experiences of our life. It keeps our perspective on the world around us positive and supportive. The more we’re able to find miracles in our everyday experience, the more faith we have in our ability to experience miracles in our future. This not only influences the way we see the outside world but also the way we see our hopes and dreams, and our ability to bring them to life. Simply – seeing our world as supportive gives us security and allows us to feel safe enough to dream. Conversely, if the world is a place where things generally don’t work in our favor, it makes it harder to believe in our dreams because the perspective we’ve built feeds our faith in our eventual disappointment instead of in our dreams and our desires.


Noticing everyday miracles not only fuels our faith, but it also fuels our strength and motivation. When we’re used to seeing miracles daily, it’s hard not to be an optimist; to believe that somehow, someway, things will work out. There’s no greater fuel for motivation than a strong belief that we will get what we want eventually. Believing in everyday miracles and knowing that good and amazing things happen all the time is a mindset that influences the way we feel about our ability to create and a compelling motivator for hard work and doing what it takes to make what we happen in our life.

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  • Kathaleen Miller

    I appreciate your outlook. In my 4th grade Bible class this summer, we are creating a series called “Miracles All Around Us.” I want my students to leave my class knowing more than facts about the Bible and be able to see God all around them. Many Blessings.

    June 27, 2019 at 1:04 pm

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