What Are You Tolerating In Life?

What Are You Tolerating In Life?

2016 is almost over – but before it ends, it’s probably a good time for some introspection and a bit of mental decluttering. Along that line of thinking is something called a toleration’s list. The idea is to create a list of things in your life you don’t like but that you still allow. Once you have your list, it’s time to get as much stuff off of it as possible.


Our reasons for allowing small irritations to go unchecked are many, but let’s focus on two broad categories:


Things we tolerate because we procrastinate – Home improvement projects are a perfect example. Think of all the small projects that get put on hold; like repainting a room or fixing a leaky faucet. Regular life can get in the way and make it easy to procrastinate on projects that don’t feel as pressing. It can seem minimal but leaving things unfinished takes up mental space and can easily add to an overall sense of disharmony.


Things we tolerate to keep the peace – Here we’ll find the relationship issues – more specifically – behavior we tolerate in an effort not to rock the boat in those relationships. Whether it’s a specific, unresolved issue with one person or behavior we allow from others, in general, resolving problems in this space can be challenging because doing so can come with real consequences. On the other hand, if we suffer in silence we’ll never get what we want, and the relationship will suffer anyway.


Letting small irritations stick around can make it harder to chase big goals.


The habit of tolerating what we don’t like is not without its set of consequences. If we can’t rid ourselves of the small irritations then how are we going to handle the challenges and obstacles that we’re sure to face while pursuing our dreams. Allowing small irritations to fester is the beginning of a loss of control that’s subtle, but with far-reaching effects that can impact our life in many ways.


Take back control and start 2017 fresh!


Here are four quick tips to tackle your Toleration’s List before the new year begins!


1. Brainstorm and create your list – Find some time to jot down all the irritations in your life. Don’t censor yourself – whether big or small, just list it. Only include things that you have the power to stop or change.

2. Assign a date – Next to each item, write a date by which you plan to have that item off of your list.

3. Tackle the easy ones first – Create a block of time (or a couple) and knock out all the easy items first. This creates positive momentum and sets you up to complete the harder ones later.

4. Schedule the more difficult ones – There may be items that can’t be completed immediately. That’s fine, just schedule it.


After all is said and done, there may still be items on your list. That’s okay. It’s not about perfection; it’s about staying present and not allowing negativity to seep into your life at any point. Do the best you can and start the new year with renewed energy and a clean slate!

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