We believe people can grow, and that mental and behavioral patterns can improve over the course of a lifetime through purposeful effort, effective strategies, and a willingness to seek help and assistance when needed.

The central idea behind a growth mindset is that we’re never static, that we’re always evolving. This provides us a tremendous opportunity to ‘evolve’ in the way of our choosing. In order to do this, we must first buy into the truth of this concept. We must believe that no matter where we are today, we have the ability to make things look different tomorrow. It’s a mindset of accountability and forgiveness. Accountability – because we accept, fully, the role we must play in the results we receive, and forgiveness because we understand that to be excellent, now… skillful, now… good enough, now… is not the necessary requirement. What’s required is a belief in your own potential for growth over time, and a commitment to engage in a process that ensures that growth potential is fulfilled.

We have a saying at Habit Bliss:

Fall in love with the process…

Results are nice, but it’s not about results, it’s about committing to a good process. Consistently good results are the result of a good process. So if you can learn to love the process you can pretty much guarantee yourself the results you desire.

The opposite of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset. A fixed mindset focuses on the idea that people are born a certain way, with a certain amount of potential and beyond that, there’s not much more that person can do. It focuses on the idea that circumstances have a great effect on ability. In essence, a fixed mindset is a limiting mindset that focuses on limits and what ‘can’t’ be done. Buying into such an idea makes it difficult to create massive change because belief is a primary factor in one’s ability to create positive change effectively.

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