We believe that acquiring control over the mind, emotions, and behavior unlocks the ability to act with full intention, and the confidence to know that time is the only true obstacle in the attainment of any goal.

Self-mastery is the holy grail, and for most, a lifelong journey.

Complete self mastery means that you are no longer a slave to your mind or your body, but a master over them. It means that your mind and body are become the slave to your intentions.

The power

Psychologists call it self-regulation or self-control, and it’s the ability to get yourself to consistently behave in ways that move you toward your goals rather than away from them.

It’s the ability to set a course of action and keep moving forward no matter how hard it gets or how unmotivated you feel.

It’s the ability to recognize and overcome your negative habits, so you can intentionally create the amazing life you’ve imagined.

It’s the ability to say no in the face of increasing temptation from slick marketers and global companies who care more about their bottom line than your long-term health and financial security.

It’s the ability take sustained action toward your goals in the face of self-doubt and the endless array of distractions imposed by more and more technology.

Self-mastery is such an important skill that one expert on the subject – Professor Roy Baumeister, PhD – says that a lack of self-mastery is “the major social pathology of our time.”